How to Install Artificial Hedges

Installing Ultrahedges artificial hedge walls and privacy panels is a quick and easy task. All of our synthetic hedge panels can be easily separated and reattached to form almost any shape or size you can think of. While exactly which tools are needed will depend on the type of surface and material you are attaching your new faux privacy hedge to, you will never need anything more than the basics such as a hammer or drill. This means that just about anybody can easily install Ultrahedges artificial hedges to any surface in a matter of minutes.


How to Install Artificial Hedges on a Wooden Wall

How to Install Artificial Hedges on a Wooden Wall


Tools Needed:

- Hammer and Nails or

- Staple Gun and Staples


1. First, you need a plan. You can’t go unprepared. You can’t wing this. This should always be the first step in any DIY or home improvement project. Take a look at your space and measure exactly what you need to make your vision come true. Once you have your exact measurements, order your new faux privacy hedge panels or speak to one of our team members to see how many panels would work best for your project. If you are planning to do something more creative than square or rectangle panels, it will help if you lightly draw your design or vision on your wall with a pencil. This can aid in obtaining the right measurements, but also in placing your hedge panels in the right positions.


2. When your new synthetic boxwood hedges arrive, you can begin customizing them to the exact shape and measurements you need. Customizing your new artificial boxwood hedge wall is a snap. If you need to, you can easily cut your new privacy hedge panels down to the exact sizes you need. Simply use a sharp pair of scissors to snip the panels down to the sizes you need, and then reassemble them using cable or zip ties. You can create custom shapes, sizes, and almost anything else with this simple method. The lush greenery of our faux hedge wall panels will ensure nobody ever sees the cuts or ties.


3. Now that you have all of the panels cut down to size, it is time to attach them together and get ready to mount them to your wooden wall. Connecting your boxwood hedge panels simply takes snapping them into place. Our secure connecting system allows you to easily snap your panels together via the snaps located on the sides of each panel. If you had to cut your panels down to size, you can easily reattach them using zip ties. Ultrahedges fake hedge walls are packed with full foliage to hide any zip ties or other fasteners or adhesives.


3. Now that you have all of the panels cut down to size, it is time to attach them together and get ready to mount them to your wooden wall. Connecting your boxwood hedge panels simply takes snapping them into place. Our secure connecting system allows you to easily snap your panels together via the snaps located on the sides of each panel. If you had to cut your panels down to size, you can easily reattach them using zip ties. Ultrahedges fake hedge walls are packed with full foliage to hide any zip ties or other fasteners or adhesives.


4. Now that you have your panels ready, you can begin to mount them to your wooden wall. This is the part that many people think is complicated, but in reality, it is as simple as sticking some leaves to a wall. Place your faux hedge panels on your wall and use the nails or staples to stick them in place. Whether you use nails or staples can depend on a number of factors, such as the type of wood, thickness of the wall, or what you have behind the wall. If your wall is outside and you have decorations or art on the other side, nails may not be the best idea.


5. Once you have your new Ultrahedges artificial hedge panels in place, it is time for you to sit back and marvel at your amazing work. This is truly the best part of any DIY project. Invite your friends and family over and let them think you ran out and installed a new natural hedge wall in one day, or tell them how easy it was to look like you had.


How to Install Artificial Hedges on a Metal/Colorbond Fence

How to Install Artificial Hedges on a Metal/Colorbond Fence


Tools Needed:

- Timber Beams

- Drill and Screws

- Washers


1. If you have a metal fence, you will need to do a little extra work, but it is still something that almost anyone can handle. To securely attach your privacy hedge to a metal fence, you will need to install timber beams approximately every 40cm or so. Begin by planning out exactly what you want to do. Most metal fences have ripples in them, so you want to be sure you are not measuring to have your faux hedge panels flush against the fence. This will cause your hedge wall to become wavy and lose much of its realism. During the planning stage, you will have to take into account the timber beams you’ll be installing.


2. Attach your timber or wooden beams to your metal fence. This can be done by screwing or attaching them at the top and bottom of each beam. Remember, you want your timber beams to be placed about 40cm apart to ensure your synthetic hedge panels fit properly. You can use screws to affix the beams vertically to your metal fence at the top and bottom, you can then place timber beams horizontally in between the vertical beams and attach them to your metal fence.


3. Once you have your timber beams attached to your metal fence, it is time to get your artificial hedge wall ready to be installed. Separate the panels or cut them using a pair of sharp scissors. Our faux boxwood hedge panels can be easily reaffixed using simple cable or zip ties. Our secure connecting system allows you to snap full panels together securely and easily within minutes.


4. It is now time to attach your faux hedges to your metal fence. To do this, you are going to want to use your screws and washers to attach the Ultrahedges synthetic privacy hedge panels to the timber beams. It is recommended that you use 12 screws and washers per meter of faux hedge wall. It can be possible to attach your hedge wall directly onto your metal fence using your screws and washers, but this depends on what you have on the other side. With metal fencing being so much thinner than other materials, you will likely have sharp screws sticking out through the other side.


5. Time for the fun part. Invite all of your family and friends over to marvel at your handy work or simply be fooled by the realism of Ultrahedges artificial hedge walls. Marvel at the beauty of thick leaves all year long with special events and gatherings at your home.


How to Install Artificial Hedges on a Wire Fence

How to Install Artificial Hedges on a Wire Fence


Tools Needed:

- Zip Ties or Cable Ties

- Scissors


1. Attaching Ultrahedges artificial privacy hedges to wire or mesh fencing may seem like a tough task, but this is actually one of the easiest ways to install a faux hedge panel. As with any home improvement project, you first want to start out by measuring exactly how much privacy hedge you are going to need. With a wire or mesh fence, there is no need for anything extra to attach your hedge panels to, so you simply measure and order what you need. Feel free to contact our team with any questions or concerns.


2. Time to prep your new faux hedge panels. In some cases, you may need to trim or reshape your hedge panels to the right shape or size for your fence. To do this, you will simply need to use a pair of sharp scissors to snip and cut the artificial hedge panels into the exact measurements you need. To reshape them, you can use your cable or zip ties to reattach them together. This works well for odd-shaped sized fencing that you want to completely cover.


3. To get your panels ready for mounting, you will need to reattach them together. Our artificial privacy hedge panels come with an exclusive interlocking system that is easy as a snap - literally. You simply use the snaps located on each panel to reassemble your panels into the sizes and shapes needed. For the hedge wall panels you have had to cut to size, you can simply use your zip or cable ties to stick them back together.


4. Now that we have all of our Ultrahedges hedge wall panels cut down to the exact sizing we need, it is time to start attaching them to your wire or mesh fencing. To do this, use your zip ties to attach the panels to your fence at the top, bottom, and through the middle of your panels. This will ensure a tight fit and a more realistic look as your hedge wall won't start popping away from your fence. Once you have all cable ties attached, go to the backside of your fence and pull all of your ties as tightly as possible. Use your scissors to snip the excess hanging through the back of your fence. This will keep your new faux hedge panels in place much better and will ensure your ties aren't getting caught and yank out your hard work.


5. To create a thick hedge look, you can attach hedge panels to both sides of your fence. Follow the same steps for the second side, but be careful when snipping cable ties so you don't cut leave or panels. The thick flora will hide your cable ties and help create a full hedge look.


6. Marvel at the natural beauty of your new boxwood privacy hedge. Invite the neighbors over to enjoy the gorgeous view and let them wonder how you were able to grow such a wonderful landscape piece in almost no time.


How to Install Artificial Hedges on a Brick/Concrete/Stone Wall

How to Install Artificial Hedges on a Brick/Concrete/Stone Wall


Tools Needed:

- Hammer & Nails

- Drill and Screws

- Anchors

- Spanner

- Steel Wire Grid


1. Of all the ways to install a synthetic boxwood hedge wall, attaching them to concrete or brick is the most difficult, but still easy enough for anybody to handle. Begin the process by measuring out exactly what you need. Take measurements of your wall or space that you are looking to fill. If you are getting a bit creative, be sure to stencil or pencil draw your design beforehand to help with measuring. For help, simply speak with one of our helpful team members to discuss your project or vision.


2. Now that you have measured your space or design and ordered your Ultrahedges panels, you can start customizing them to fit the space or need you to have. You can create almost any shape or size you need by snipping the Ultrahedges faux boxwood panels and reassembling them however you see fit. All of our hedge wall panels come with interlocking snaps that will allow you to securely piece them all together. If you had to cut any of them to fit your sizing, you can use cable or zip ties to reassemble them into the proper sizing.


3. Now that the measuring, planning, and customizing of panels are complete. The fun part begins! Attach your wire grid to your concrete or brick wall using screws and anchors or nails. Start by measuring where you will need your wire grid to be hung and start drilling holes for screws or nails. While it is possible to use concrete nails, we do recommend using screws and anchors as they tend to hold a little better for a longer time to help give that fresh and realistic look to your private wall.


4. Next, you want to hang your fake hedge on the steel grid you just installed. To do this, you only need cable or zip ties, scissors, and a little bit of patience. Use the zip ties to attach your new synthetic boxwood hedge to the metal grid. Once you have the ties tightened properly, use scissors to snip the excess ties off the ends to provide a fully realistic look.


5. Sit back and enjoy your amazing work. This final step in every instruction is by far the most important. All of the great features and benefits of our Ultrahedges artificial hedge wall panels are now yours to enjoy. Let your guests know how amazing your faux hedge panels are, let them think you busted your hump doing a lot of hard landscape and yard work. No matter which you choose, your secret will always be safe with us.


Benefits and Features of Artificial Hedges

We strive to make every product we sell as effective and high-quality as possible. Our team of researchers and developers work to include new features and benefits into every faux privacy hedge wall created and to improve the amazing features we have already included in our synthetic hedge products.


- Never have to worry about watering or getting sweaty and dirty again. Ultrahedges synthetic boxwood hedge panels will maintain their full and thick foliage all year long with minimal work or upkeep.


- As you have read, it takes almost no time or work to install our faux privacy walls to almost any surface. Within a matter of minutes, anybody can have a lush hedge in their yard, home, or office.


- Your safety and the health of those around you are at the top of our list of priorities. Because of this, we only use lead-free materials to produce all of our Ultrahedges artificial boxwood hedges.


- The safety and protection of you and your family also mean protecting the planet that we live on. We only have one Earth, so we want to do what we can to make it better by using eco-friendly and 100% recyclable materials in all of our products.


- Catching some rays is a great way to pass the time and enjoy the great weather. Unfortunately, all of those great rays can also pose potential health and safety risks for you and the items you own. Our faux privacy boxwood hedges provide UV protection to give you and your family a little extra peace of mind on those bright days.


- To look natural and as real as possible, we have to ensure that our coloring not only matches the real thing as closely as possible but that those colors never run or fade. All of our synthetic hedge panels are designed to resist fading due to light, water, and other natural elements.


- When you're using Ultrahedges artificial hedge walls to spruce up your home or yard, the last thing you want is for everyone to know it's a fake hedge. Never fear now that our realistic-looking synthetic boxwood hedges are here. From the exact coloring of the leaves to their look in the bright sunshine, our products are designed to look as real as possible.


- As our instructions show, Ultrahedges artificial hedge panels can be easily secured to almost any surface, as well as having securely interlocking snaps for each panel to fit together perfectly.


- A major drawback of using natural plants in your decorating and landscaping projects is the amount of work and water it takes to maintain full and healthy hedge. When you go with eco-friendly faux hedge panels instead of real flora, you are doing your part to help the planet and your time with almost no water required other than simple wipes or rinses.


- Mother Nature may create beautiful things, but she is also a force to be reckoned with. All of our synthetic hedges and privacy walls are created to be able to withstand the abuse from the weather all year long. This weather resistance will help keep your fake hedge wall looking real and new for a long time.


- Sometimes, you just need a place to sit and be with your thoughts. Even when you have the world blocked out with a privacy screen or wall, the distractions of the world can make true relaxation difficult. Ultrahedges artificial privacy hedges are designed to provide visual privacy along with a great deal of audio privacy thanks to noise reduction features.


Why Shop at Ultrahedges for Artificial Hedges

Ultrahedges is more than just an artificial hedge producer. We are a family of diverse people that truly want to put the best out there. This is why each of our team members strives to provide you with the great service and the best experience each and every time you shop with us. In the end, if you are not happy with your Ultrahedges artificial hedge, we will work tirelessly to try and give you the satisfaction that our customers have come to expect from us.


- No matter how hard we try, life will just do whatever life wants to do. To help you relax even better, we offer a 3-year manufacturer's warranty on all of our artificial boxwood hedges.


- To ensure we are there whenever and wherever you need us, Ultrahedges offers customer support options 24/7. Give us a call or drop us a line to get assistance from one of our trained team members quickly.


- Saving money is an essential part of life, and we want to do what we can to make your life easier. That is why we always offer free shipping every day of the week. Never worry about hidden shipping charges and know what you see is what you pay.


- As a way of saving you even more money on high-quality synthetic hedge walls, we offer a low price guarantee on all of our artificial hedge products.


- Saving a lot of money is great, but it doesn't help if your data isn't secure. Ultrahedges promises to always treat you and your data with the highest respect and security. Our site is 100% secure for you to so with peace of mind.

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